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There's a wide varity of porcelain and clay items that may be offered in this category. Although they will be primarily Japanese and mostly from the 1800's, like Kutani, Satsuma, Arita, Imari and Bizen, you may also find European pieces like Royal Copenhagen from Denmark and Royal Doulton from England or pieces of 'Art Pottery' from the Americas.
We are particularily fond of the Japanese Watercolors and Woodblock Prints that were done in the first half of the 20th Century and show the early influences of western perspective in Japanese art. That will be the main focus of this area. However, we have nothing against any form of the Graphic Arts and therefore will present other items as they are available.
Metal figures and decorative items are always a good investment and a pleasure to display and share. Bronze figures, Iron tea pots, Silver flatware and jewelry, hammered Copper bowls and vases are just some of the many items we appreciate and seek out. Perhaps we will find something that piques your interest.
We have always enjoyed and appreciated the beauty and quality of the 'Art Glass' pieces that have crossed our path along the way. This category is where we have listed the pieces that are available to share. We are far from experts on the subject, but there are times when the quality of a piece simply can not be missed.
This is the area that is designated for 'Everything Else': special items made from other materials - like carved wood figures, games and toys, paperweights or ornaments, snuff bottles of various materials from bone to semi-precious stone, lacquerwares, etc. If it doesn't seem to fit in anywhere else, it may be here.
The books offered here we define as "special" for any number of reasons. They may be a hard to find signed edition, a limited edition, a rare book, a book about an unusual subject, or a book with historical interest. We also look for books about specialized subjects in the arts and sciences. In addition, we list books on under Chris Walton

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