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Silver and Vermeil Hors D'oeuvre Set - 6 Place Settings
Berndorf Vintage Silver Flatware
Hors D'oeuvre Set - 12 Pc.
Berndorf Vintage Flatware
Silver & Vermeil
Silver - Austria
Chinese silver & vermeil enameled keepsake box with 2 bangles
Japanese Bronse Open Censer Or Incense Burner
Japanese Bronze Incense Burner - Koro With Mixed Metal Designs
Chinese Bangles & Box
Bronze Incense Burner
Bronze Incense Burner
Silver & Vermeil - China
Open Censer - Japan
Mixed Metal - SOLD
Rare Fakir's Shield with Horns - 19th C. India - Madu
Chinese Double Jian Swords - Qing (Ch'ing) Dynasty
Middle Eastern Edged Weapon With Gold Inlay Designs
Fakir's Parrying Shield
Double Jian Swords
Edged Weapon With Inlay
Brass & Horn - India
Ch'ing Dynasty - SOLD
Dagger - Mid-Eastern