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Rare Standing Fukusuke Figure - Merchant God of Prosperity
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Fukusuke - Merchant God Of Prosperity
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This is a rare, standing Shigaraki stoneware pottery figure of the Japanese Merchant God of Prosperity, "Fukusuke". The figure's traditional large head is unglazed except for his top-knot and hair around the sides and back, his eyes and eyebrows and his mouth. His outer garment is black and the under layers are glazed blue and white. The round patches on his shoulders are white with blue calligraphy - 'Fuku' for good luck - and the circle on his back is stamped or incised with the 'Fuku' mark. His fan and ledger are both white with blue accents and the ledger has calligraphy noting that it is a 'notebook of prosperity'. The exterior base has an ash glaze similar to that seen on Bizen ware. The inside shows indications of the figure being made by pressing the clay into a mold and smoothed by hand. This impressive figure measures approximately 15 1/2" tall, approximately 10" wide and 10" deep at the base and weighs about 17 pounds. For all the references and photos I viewed, I've only seen the standing Fukusuke mentioned and none pictured. This figure probably dates from the Meiji Era and is in excellent condition. There are no chips, cracks or repairs. A light cleaning could be considered as there is indication that he was left standing in an area being painted and there are some tiny speckles ...... $1450.00