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Shallow Bohemian Enameled Dish
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This beautiful piece is a finely decorated shallow dish of pale transparent blue Bohemian glass with an optical disk or tortoise shell design. This style of Moser enameled glass is probably from the late 1800's, appears to be hand made and the rim has been ground and flattened to create 14 'lobes'. These 14 lobes also show in the interior sides of the dish. The dish has 3 different floral motifs on the interior and the flowers have very heavy, varigated enamel colorings. The rim was gilt but that has dissappeared, almost completely, with time. This piece measures approximately 8 7/8 inches in diameter by 1 1/4 inches high, at the rim. The base measures approximately 6 3/8 inches in diameter. The condition of this piece is excellent. The piece is not marked or signed, that I have found. There are a couple of inclusions in the glass from manufacture and some very fine scratches in areas along the bottom but there are no chips, cracks, repairs or enamel loss ...... $525.00