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Mid Eastern Edged Weapon With Gold Inlay Designs
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Persian Dagger With Gold And Silver Inlay
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This is a very nice Mid-Eastern edged weapon - along the lines of a dagger or Jambiya - possibly from Persia or Southern India, dating to the 1800's or earlier, with a blade that has Mid-Eastern lettering or designs in gold on each side. The handle or grip attracts a magnet so I believe the dagger is one piece, with the iron of the grip dressed to appear bronze and inlaid with gold designs. The pommel looks to be amber and it has inlaid designs formed with silver wire. The cap on the pommel looks to be copper wire and beads. The overall length of the piece is 10 1/2 inches and the blade length is 5 5/8 inches. One would imagine this to be a single-edged steel blade, but it has a back that is about as close to having an edge as I can imagine. There is no scabbard. This is a very interesting and attractive piece and may be quite rare, as I've not been able to find anything like it in any of my reference material....... $1225.00