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Chinese Double Jian Swords - Qing (Ch'ing) Dynasty
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Chinese Double Jian Swords - Qing (Ch'ing) Dynasty
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Here is a wonderful paired sword set of Chinese Jian swords, a double-sword version of the Chinese Jian thrusting sword. They are also referred to as 'back to back' swords since they fit into one scabbard - occasionally but mistakenly called 'twin swords' because they aren't always identical. This pair, which dates ca. 1780, has two swords with half-hilts of horn and brass which enables them to sit back to back in the scabbard. The blade of each has a traditional flattened, double-edged diamond shape. The scabbard is lacquered wood with brass furnishings.

The overall length of this set is 28 3/4 inches. One sword measures 27 3/4 inches long while the other measures 27 7/8 inches long - with each blade being about 22 1/8 inches long x 1 3/8 inches wide near the guard. Both blades show some oxidation and light, fine pitting. Each horn grip has a split on the back side which may be natural to the horn. The tunkou, or sculptured collar brass guard of each has the face of a Foo Lion, it fits down over the throat of the scabbard and each measures about 3 1/8 inches wide. The scabbard is 23 inches long and is lacquered wood. The tip of the scabbard has a chip of wood missing on one side (please see photo) and the drag is open at the top on the opposite side. These are very impressive and a rarely available set ...
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