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Inowe (Inoue) Original Japanese Watercolor - 1906
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Inowe Original Japanese Watercolor of Wayhouse
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This is a very nice original Meiji era Japanese watercolor of a rural scene with buildings and people. Most likely this is a little wayhouse (the sign to the right might say "caravanserai") where travelers can stop for tea and a small meal, or spend the night if it's getting too late to continue on. The two signs out front both read "ochazuke", a sort of simple rice-tea soup with veggies and possibly a little fish; it would be a good supper for someone on the road. The watercolor is signed 'K. Inowe' - though a more modern spelling would be 'Inoue' - and it is dated '1906' and the piece measures approximately 13" by 19 1/4".

The overall condition is quite good. There is very little color change from fading, as can be noted when the matte is removed. There are 2 indications of previous mattings where acid-free materials were not use, but as can be seen, they are not apparent as currently matted and there is no subject/image loss. The back shows 'sticker' remnants and burning from previous backing(s), though only foamcor and acid-neutral or acid-free materials are now being used ...... $800.00