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Photographs by Christopher Walton
Kutani Large Basin Or Bowl - Meiji Era
Kutani Tall Porcelain Vase - Meiji Era
Michael Sutty Figure - Deco Woman Walking 2 Dogs
Japanese Kutani Red Cross Stemmed Wine Cup
Chinese Porcelain Polychrome Enameled Bowl
Japanese Seated Porcelain Quan Yin
Fine Chinese Polychrome Enamel Porcelain Inkstone
Chinese Export Rose Canton Porcelain Chestnut Basket
Chinese Porcelain Basin - 19th C. Polychrome Enamel
Rare Japanese Kutani Miniature Vase with Lacquered Decoration
Japanese Oribe Foo Lion Koro or Incense Burner - Edo Period
Ninsei Utsushi Mizusashi - Japanese Tea Ceremony - Kyo-yaki
Japanese Oribe Incenser - Meiji Era
Sarreguemines Jardiniere with Satyr Masks - Lorraine, France
Jukan Japanese Satsuma Pottery Chrysanthemum Wine Cups
Terracotta Hotei Figure - Edo Period Incense Burner
Fukusuke - Merchant God of Prosperity - Rare Large Pottery Standing Figure
Hare's Fur Tea Bowl - Chinese Song Dynasty
Sue Krzyston Oil Painting Titled Artistry in Clay
Duo - Oil On Canvas Painting By Adolf Adler
Japanese Watercolor by M. Yoshida - Rushing Stream in Autumn
S. Tosuke Moonlit Village and Fishing Boat Scene - Japanese Watercolor
Japanese Watercolour by Y. Matsumoto - Mountain Road in Spring
Japanese Watercolor by S. Niimi - Bridge to Nikko Autumn Scene
Japanese Watercolor by S. Niimi - Torii, Stone Lanterns and Village in Autumn
Japanese Watercolour by Rantei - Cherry Blossoms and Stone Lanterns in Spring
Japanese Watercolor by S. Niimi - Fuji at Sunrise
Aoki - Wisteria at Kameido Tenjin Shrine - Watercolor
Inowe - Inoue - Original Japanese Watercolor - 1906
Moonlight at Seichoen Garden - Japanese Woodblock by Hasui
Miyamoto Shufu Signed & Numbered Woodblock Print - Tree in Morning Mist
Kan Kawada Print - Japanese Stone Garden - Ryoan-ji
Tadashi Nakayama Original Woodblock Print - Girl With A Sunflower - 1957
Micah Schwaberow - Signed, Numbered Woodblock Print
Japanese Etching by Shigeru Kimura - No. 1
Japanese Etching by Shigeru Kimura - No. 2
Hors D'oeuvre Set - 6 Silver and Vermeil Settings
Berndorf Vintage Silver Flatware Service For 6
Chinese Silver & Vermeil Keepsake Box With 2 Bangles
Japanese Bronze Open Censer - Incense Burner
Japanese Bronze Incense Burner - Koro With Mixed Metal Designs
Madu - Rare Fakir's Shield with Horns
Chinese Double Jian Swords - Qing (Ch'ing) Dynasty
Mid-Eastern Edged Weapon With Gold Inlay Designs
Orient " Flume Signed Glass Paperweight
Orient and Flume Signed Glass Paperweight - 1976
Steuben Ivrene Balaster Shaped Vase - White Aurene
Victor Durand Amethyst Colored Art Glass Vases - 2
Kosta Boda Clear Snake Vase - Ulrica Hydman - Vallien
Moser Enameled Glass Style Bohemian Dish - Heavy Enamels
Sculptured Paperweight - Robert L. Hamon 1986, Signed (#1)
1986 Robert L. Hamon Sculptured Paperweight - Signed (#2)
Japanese Chochin Bow Stretched Paper Lantern With Box - Edo Period
Vintage Casino Gaming Plaques With Padded Leather Case
Navajo Artist Larry Yazzie Stone Sculpture - A Design From Within
Randall Beyale Original Alabaster Sculpture of Native American Woman
Blue Comet 400E Lionel Standard Gauge 4-4-4 Engine & Tender
McLoughlin Bros. "Lotto" Game - ca. 1885
Santa Fe Northern A.T. & S.F. No. 2921 4-8-4 Steam Engine - NPR Tender
The Tides of the Waters of New England and New York
Codex Seraphinianus - Luigi Serafini
Jewel Rivers: Japanese Art from The Burke Collection
Japanese Toys: Playing With History - Kazuya Sakamoto
Publii Virgilii Maronis Opera - Typis, Mariae Magdalenae Riedlin - 1735
Princess Marie Bonaparte - Flyda Of The Seas - Signed
Jesse Isidor Straus: A Biographical Portrait by Reginald Kauffman
The Life of John Hunter - Jesse Foot - 1st Ed. 1794
Fukagawa - Exquisite Japanese Sake Cup
Hongxian Nian Zhi Chinese Republic Wine Cup
Watercolor - Bridge And River At Nikko -N. Keiho
Japanese Watercolour by Terauchi - Leaving Shore in a Rough Sea
Japanese Watercolour by A. Yoshida - Boat on River in Autumn
Ohara Shoson (Koson) - Cockatoo And Pomegranate Woodblock Print
Arts & Crafts Era Hammered Copper Desk Set
Chess Set - Modern Aluminum 20th Century Design By Columbia
Mango Fork Set - Vintage Silver And Stainless - Mexico
Bronze Seated Shakyamuni Buddha
Tentoki Carrying Lantern - Japanese Cast Iron Figure
Japanese Bronze Figure - Woman Walking with a Basket by Nyozan
Omani Jambiya - 19th C. Edged Weapon - Horn And Silver Hilt
Wurttemberg Infantry Faschinenmesser M1829
Rare Foster Brothers WWII OSS Knuckle or Trench Knife
Japanese Tanto by Kanefusa Swordsmith - Mino School - ca. 1600
Sainti - Indo-Persian Parrying Weapon - 18th - 19th Century
"Baby Opossum" with Bronze Finish - Marian Weisberg
Quan Yin - Chinese Goddess of Mercy - Carved Lacquered Wood
Chinese Carved Cinnabar Lacquer Smoke Set - Guri
Yokogi - Lacquered Carved Wood Carp - Irori Friction Block
Lingzhi Fungus - Carved Chinese Jade Contemplation Stone
Rare Jade Snuff Dish Or Saucer
Rock Crystal Snuff Bottle - 18th C. Chinese
Rare Hair Crystal Snuff Saucer Or Dish
(Shakudo Rims On An Akasuke Cloisonne Vase
Japanese Repousse and Moriage Cloisonne Vase
Rare Book - Medical and Surgical History - War Of The Rebellion
Kelly: More Than My Share Of It All - Signed, First Edition
Asian Cloisonne Enamels - Illustrated Hardcover Book
Hunting Dinosaurs in the Bad Lands of the Red Deer River
1936 - History Of The Los Angeles Country Club 1897-1936
The Revolt Of Sarah Perkins - Signed Edition
Rare British Ministry of Munitions of War Aircraft Engine Data Book
Japanese Etching by Eiichi Shibuya - Colorful Butterfly - 14/50
Japanese Watercolor by T. Masamitsu
Japanese Watercolor by Hayashi - River and Cherry Blossoms
Photographs - Seascapes
Photographs - Scenic
Photographs - Architecture
Photographs - Plants
Photographs - Animals
Photographs - People
Photographs - Night Shots
Photographs - Still Life
Photographs - Macro
Photographs - Miscellaneous
Photographs - Black & White
Photographs - David's Photographs
kokeshi_talk/ 26 pages
Kokeshi Talk - Creative Doll Index
Kokeshi Talk - Vintage Doll Index
Kokeshi Talk - Traditional Doll Index
Yamanaka Sanpei Thoughts of Autumn
Miyajima Muhitsu - Large & Small
Snow Children Group
Aoki Ryouka - Shigure - Kokeshi
Tall Elegant Kokeshi by Shouzan Shito
Sato Koson - 2 Kokeshi, 2 Styles
Old Couple by Sekiguchi Sansaku
Yamanaka Sanpei Rainbow Pair
Kuribayashi Issetsu Pair of Lovely Ladies
First Group Of Vintage Ladies
Vintage Kokeshi of a Maiko Geisha
Vintage Daruma Figures
Vintage Miniature Kokeshi Set
Cherry Bark Kokeshi by Takahashi Tatsurou
Aoki Ryoka Vintage Babysitter or Komori Kokeshi
Family of 5 Yamagata by Kobayashi Eizo
Nemariko Pair by Okazaki Yasuo
Naruko Kokeshi Hair Patterns
Kobayashi Seitaro Kokeshi
Yajiro Pair by Sato Toshiaki
Kijiyama Kokeshi By Abe Youko
Muramitsu Fumio and Miyahara Taiji Kokeshi Compared